Autumn Conference Day 1 and Party Unity


Bournemouth is a beautiful city and I am delighted to be here for the first time. My first day at the Green Party conference was certainly interesting! Finally getting to meet a large number of Young Greens that I’m familiar with from online groups was a huge pleasure.

I attended the workshop on the Young Greens report (A19) and was interested to note the dynamic between the membership, the YGNC and GPEX. There are some issues there I’d like to take a look at given the chance to be a committee member.

Natalie’s opening speech was, as ever, well spoken and on party message. It’s clear that we need to continue to promote climate change and electoral reform as the party’s top issues if we hope to change the political landscape.

The Young Greens can do a lot to help boost the profile of those issues – but we need to make sure that we are unified as a group and with the party as a whole. A tendency within the party – especially the Young Greens – is to split into smaller and smaller groups based on political opinion or personal attributes. This is a great aspect of being a member of the Greens, and allows everyone to have their say on the issues important to them, but we need to be careful to remember that decisions made in small groups may not be representative of the whole party. This did cause a few notable issues on day 1 of the conference and another of my aims as a member of the YGNC would be to promote better communication and unity between sub-groups and the wider Green Party. As the most democratic party in the UK, I think this is something we can easily and happily achieve.

Published by Dan