#DanJ4YGNC – Campaign Launch


I’m proud to announce that I’m standing for a position on the Young Greens National Committee. I’ve been a member of the Green Party for over 2 years now and the time feels right to really get involved and make our voices heard. The Young Greens have seen a huge surge in membership over the last year bringing us to a total of over 23,000 members. Together we can turn mainstream politics green! That’s the focus of my campaign. We need to come together online and at local events to really spread the green message to non-members, while also providing support for those who have newly joined.

If you’d like to support my campaign, please like my page on Facebook and use the hashtage #DanJ4YGNC to talk about the campaign on Twitter!

You can also visit the campaign page on my website here.

Thank you for any support you can offer, I look forward to working with the committee should I be elected!

Published by Dan