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Crazy Bullet Hell Dodge Em Up Gyro Boss Rolls Onto Android – Super Game Droid
“Fans of bullet hell shooters looking for something to hone their skills with will be glad to hear that a great new avoid em up called Gyro Boss has arrived on the scene to put their wits to the test.”

Broadcast 73 – Indie(Function);
90 minute discussion on the GDC 2016 challenge, YoYo Games releasing apps on Raspberry Pi, HaxeFlixel 4.0 and Chequered Ink projects.

GameDevDan / Wormintheworks / Personal Games & Projects

Chickens and Moles, helping critters escape the farm– Windows Central
“Chickens and Moles is a fun game to play but is more suited for when you need a change of pace. ”

Use Physics To Free Animals In Chickens And Moles – AppAdvice
“This game is sure to appeal to physics-based gamers as well as children. Available for the iPhone and iPad at $0.99, this is definitely a title to pick up.”

Physics based game Chickens and Moles available on Apple’s app store – TheDroidGuy
“Physics has never been so much fun! The game in a way stays true to the fundamentals of physics. Every physics problem is simplicity itself requiring ingenuity and skill to come to a satisfactory, logical, rational solution.”

Mystery writer interviews GameDevDan – Indiegraph
“Now we create all kinds of games on multiple platforms. I still find that sentence crazy to be honest: Multiple platforms. It’s especially weird knowing that I’ve chosen to do this professionally. I must be mad.”

Other Games

YoYo Games Tech Blog Cross-PostBrash Games: Maddening Overload (YoYo Games)IGN: Maddening Overload (YoYo Games)Pocket Gamer: Fire Escape (YoYo Games)

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