Stepping down from SWYG Committee

Twitter Logo In November last year I was elected as the Social Media & Press Officer for the South West Young Greens. I campaigned on a platform of cross-party cooperation, engaging local communities and lobbying for further coverage in internal and external media. In an unprecedented year for British politics it was hard to keep to the tasks I had set myself, but I am still proud of the achievements we have made over the last eight months. SWYG committee has been quite fluid, as volunteers come and go for a variety of reasons, and now I believe it is my time to step down.

In the last 8 months, SWYGs’ twitter following has increased by over 70% to 1584 people. We ran a thoroughly engaging campaign for #VoteRemain, even if we weren’t ultimately on the winning side. We now have a brand new website with our very own domain name, where we provided extensive coverage of the 2016 local elections. In the last eight months I think the South West Young Greens have risen to a position of strength, and our messages of togetherness and environmentalism have reached a wider audience than ever before. I am pleased to have worked with such a diligent committee, and fantastic local representatives, to organise and publicise local events and action weekends. The South West Young Greens are in great hands going forward and I hope to work with the committee more in future.

What’s next for me? I really need to commit more time to developing my company with Andrew, as we both need to put food on the table. Chequered Ink has picked up some great momentum over the last few months and will require a lot of time and energy to truly flourish. I’m also standing on a job-share ticket with childhood friend and fellow Green Party member Tom Hathway for the position of Social Media officer in the South Gloucestershire Green Party, which should be a less demanding although no less important role than SWYG Social Media officer. I also intend to spend some time traveling and seeing some of Europe, as well as campaigning for proportional representation in the UK.

Thank you to all of the people in the South West Young Greens who made this an enjoyable eight months!

Published by Dan