A local following is a national following

Local IS National There’s no doubt that making gains in the South West can help the Green Party to make gains nationally. This year we elected an impressive number of Green councillors, came 2nd in the general election in Bristol West, and helped to drive poll ratings up before the general election. How can we continue to grow in the south west to boost the regional and national success of the Green Party?

Locally, we need to get our faces out there. The Green Party is still a bit of a mystery to some people. Are we just an environmentalist party? What experience do we have? We have to show people all across the south west that we are standing up for their interests. We don’t need to be in public office to do this, getting involved in local movements is key to gaining the trust and notoriety that wins elections.

Is your local council controversially allowing a big-chain supermarket to build on your high street? Has a local hospital closed down thanks to NHS cuts? These are things the Green Party opposes in principle, at a national level, and as Young Greens we can show the south west that we also care about these on a local level. Embrace these movements, sign petitions, attend council meetings, and make some noise.

As social media & press officer for the South West Young Greens, my top priority would be to communicate with our members to facilitate this kind of activism. I will liaise with local parties to better understand the issues in that area, and then use our social media influence to encourage members from across the region to help out. Our national success depends on our regional success, and regional success depends on local participation. Help make this plan a reality, vote Dan Johnston for South West Young Greens Social Media and Press Officer.