About Me

Campaigning for South West Greener InMy name is Dan and I’m a digital designer from Bristol, UK. My two great interests in life are game design and politics – and this site is full of my experiences in both fields.

I’ve worked at YoYo Games Ltd (part of PlayTech), been self employed under the pseudonym Wormintheworks, and I now own one half of Chequered Ink Ltd with my good friend and colleague Andrew “NAL” McCluskey. In my career so far I’ve worked on over 90 games for various platforms from Android, iOS and Windows Phone to Windows PCs, Mac OS X, Xbox One and PlayStation 4. I’ve also completed contract work for big names like Microsoft, Burger King and Orla Gartland.

In Politics I am a firm environmentalist and proudly left of center. I’ve been a member of the Green Party of England and Wales for a few years now and I’m currently one of the Social Media Coordinators for the South Gloucestershire Greens. You can get a general feeling for my position on political issues by checking out my national voting record, which is a testament to my dorky compulsion to collect and create political diagrams, or you can read the politics category of my blog.

With many ambitions in life, from learning German to building a successful game company, there doesn’t seem enough time in the day to fulfill all of my hobbies, but I’m making a damn good try of it.