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Distractions: Favourite Pokemon II

Back in June 2016 I posted about the awesome (read: distracting, nerdy) tool over at Dragonfly Cave which lets you pit Pokemon against each other until you find your favourites. Seven months later the playing field has changed and we’ve got a whole lotta new Pokemon, new forms and Z-moves to take into account. As such, here’s my 2017 take on Pokemon:

Top 6

The dream team, complete with in-game nicknames: Serenity (Primarina), Nippy (Flygon), Tiddles (Sceptile), Lola (Skuntank), Pikaboo (Mimikyu), Teeny (Empoleon)

Top 20

Fave Pokes 20 #2
To be honest I think I played the game a bit wonky this time. Everything that made the list last time would beat Giratina in a heartbeat, so maybe substitute that in your head with Raichu or Pumpkaboo.

Favourite Type: WATER & FAIRY
(Kicking Grass & Dragon to the curb from the previous time)

Favourite Generation: THREE & SEVEN
(Gen III retains the top spot, but VII joins it. Maybe it’s the novelty of new Pokemon?)

Link to my results.

Distractions: Favourite Pokemon

If you like Pokemon as much as me, you probably already know what your favourite is, but there’s this nifty (read: distracting, nerdy) mathematical tool they invented over at the Dragonfly Cave that lets you pit all Pokemon against each other to find your favourites. It’s pretty fun to mess around with if you have some spare time, here it is.

It’s got a bunch of options too. I checked the “final evolutions only” box and just substituted in my favourite basic Pokemon where necessary. 🙂

My Top 20


Favourite Type: GRASS Favourite Generation: THREE
Link to my results.

So if Pokemon Sun & Moon could just introduce Mega Flygon, I’ll be all set!