Distractions: Favourite Pokemon II

Back in June 2016 I posted about the awesome (read: distracting, nerdy) tool over at Dragonfly Cave which lets you pit Pokemon against each other until you find your favourites. Seven months later the playing field has changed and we’ve got a whole lotta new Pokemon, new forms and Z-moves to take into account. As such, here’s my 2017 take on Pokemon:

Top 6

The dream team, complete with in-game nicknames: Serenity (Primarina), Nippy (Flygon), Tiddles (Sceptile), Lola (Skuntank), Pikaboo (Mimikyu), Teeny (Empoleon)

Top 20

Fave Pokes 20 #2
To be honest I think I played the game a bit wonky this time. Everything that made the list last time would beat Giratina in a heartbeat, so maybe substitute that in your head with Raichu or Pumpkaboo.

Favourite Type: WATER & FAIRY
(Kicking Grass & Dragon to the curb from the previous time)

Favourite Generation: THREE & SEVEN
(Gen III retains the top spot, but VII joins it. Maybe it’s the novelty of new Pokemon?)

Link to my results.

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