Game Jams

New GMC Jam – Forum

Jam Theme / Handicap My Entry Position
XXXI Overcome All Odds Lost Little Hero ???
XXX / 9 Charging Up Spud Pump 32nd
8 Boss Fighting Game Gammon Princess (with NALGames) 14th
  Did Not Enter  
4 Voyage Ballooning Over The Ocean 21st
  Did Not Enter  
1 Everybody is Dead Lonely Drone 7th

Old GMC Jam – Forum

Jam Theme / Handicap My Entry Position
21 Day & Night or Sacrifice /
Must Utilise Humour
Dan’s Narcissistic Adventure in Jam Land 11th
Best use of Handicap
20 Prehistoric /
Failure Should Result in Loss
of Something Other Than Progress
Cavemen With Peashooters 7th
DACJAM Remake an Old Jam Game Maggot in a Frying Pan 6th
19 Japanese /
Must Be Educational
Super Honeybees Cluster On Hornet 33rd
Best use of Handicap
18 Cold War /
Audio Must Be Made With Mouth
Potato Patch Propaganda 7th
Best Presentation
17 Synchronise /
Dying Has Benefits
HannaH 2nd
Best Devlog
16 Big & Small /
Protagonist is a Failure
Last One Standing: Tiny Panda Barrage 22nd
15   Did Not Enter  
14 Memories /
Must Have 5 Sound FX
Just Pop Bubbles 44th
13 Pirates /
2D Graphics Only
Tiny Pirate Captain 11th
12 Evolution /
Must Contain Trains
Wish That I Could Be Human 16th
YoYo House Shooter 52nd
11 Monsters /
No Violence Allowed
Dewey Feed Grogg 9th
Best use of Handicap
10 Foreign /
Must Be Grayscale(ish)
Papantzin 11th
9 Science Gone Wrong /
Can’t Contain Humans
Profanity Bot 22nd
8 Disasters /
Cannot Use Text
Last One Standing: Paper Pumpkin Apocalypse Not Entered For Voting
Best Presentation
7 Two Worlds /
Must Have Cutscenes
Chickens & Moles 1st
6 Tranquility /
Must Have Achievements
WillO 5th
  Did Not Enter  

Other Game Jams & Competitions

Jam Theme / Handicap My Entry Position
#ResistJam Anti-authoritarianism Be The Change N/A
Indies vs PewDiePie None Radslaughter (with NALGames) 27th
YoYoGames Win Big Windows 8 WillO (2013) Runner-Up (Top 50)