GameDevDan vs Life – Devlog 03

June has been a busy, busy time for me with a bit of electioneering, a holiday and lots of Chequered Ink stuff. As such I’ve had little time to work on GameDevDan vs Life but I’m getting back into it!

Below is my to-do list / spreadsheet which, as you can see, has a lot of red marks on it meaning I have lots to do. Yeah, don’t worry if you don’t understand it, I barely understand myself.

The key thing to note is that 5 of the games are complete or at least test-ready (so I’m still working on 45 of them and the launcher). The games which are ready are some of the newest, WillO: Revisited, Chickens and Moles (2013), Dewey Feed Grogg, Super Honeybees Cluster on Hornet and Wish That I Could Be Human.

I hope to get a few more test-ready within the next week, but for now you can keep up with my progress on Twitter!

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