GameDevDan vs Life – Devlog 04

Progress is trundling along on GDD vs Life. The game launcher itself is now virtually complete and most of the work I have left to do is outside the launcher. This is because the launcher reads in all the information it needs from text files and launches the EXEs of the other games from an accompanying “Games” folder. This means any patches for specific games can be dealt with separately so that updates don’t take a million years to upload / download.

Launching a game

Launching a game in GameDevDan vs Life

One of the last things I have to do in the launcher is update the credits, but I’ll be doing that as I go along. For the most part the games were created & developed entirely by myself, but some games use creative commons music or graphics, or were created in partnerships during jams and stuff, so there will be a comprehensive credits screen in the launcher itself to make sure people get the recognition they deserve:

Credits Screen

Finally on Friday we got the project set up on Steam Direct and uploaded a test build to make sure it all works fine – and it does (after a couple of hiccups). Hopefully once I’ve done some of the heavy lifting work on the older games in the pack we’ll be able to put up some kind of nifty “coming soon” store page and a teaser trailer, but I’ll focus on getting the actual work done first!

The game on Steam

See ya next time!

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