GameMaker News Bite


Role: Founder, Editor-in-chief
Type: Personal Project
Duration: Ongoing
From: April 2013
Until: June 2015

In April 2013 I started a blog dedicated to covering news stories related to GameMaker: Studio by YoYo Games Ltd. The website immediately took off and ultimately I believe its popularity helped with my job application to YoYo Games.

While in charge of the site I created several popular article series from “Community Quotes”, a collection of tweets and forums posts from independent game developers, to “The Week in GameMaker games”, which helped brand new games to get some brief press coverage.

Unfortunately since I got the job at YoYo Games Ltd. I had to pass control of the site to the new editor, as I could not maintain a news site about the company I worked in. The new editor has taken the site in a new direction, and many of the articles that originally made the site popular are no longer available to view. However, I do have some stats for the website before the changeover happened:

Website Stats

Hits: 2,160,898
Article views: 1,045,669
Unique visits: 261,367

The new version of the website has now also been discontinued, and will shut down at the end of April 2016.