Green Party


Role: Designer (Dec 2013 onwards), Member & more
Type: Volunteer work
Duration: On and off work
From: May 2013
Until: Present

I’ve been a member of the Green Party of England & Wales since May 2013 and have, in that time, completed a variety of work for the Green Party. For over two years I campaigned digitally for the Green Party and created graphics and leaflets for various occasions. I’ve worked with the Plymouth Greens, South West Young Greens and National Party and had my work shared by the national social media accounts as well as the deputy leader.

As a paid-up member of the Green Party I have also attended conference and Young Greens National Convention as well as the South West Young Greens AGM, meeting other Greens and voting on policies and issues related to internal party structure.

Since November 2015 I have been the Social Media & Press Officer for the South West Young Greens, which also makes me a voting committee member working on other business within the South West Young Greens such as organising action weekends and dealing with issues raised by the membership.

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