Hey, how about we listen to each other

Seeing a lot of ‘sit down and take it’ posts around, or ‘stop being a sore loser’ with regard to the referendum result. To be honest, I don’t think that’s going to help this country get back on its feet.

16 million real people can’t just be expected to abandon their principles and beliefs overnight because they lost one vote. If this were a vote on restoring fox hunting, bringing back capital punishment, renewing trident, or any other major issue in this country, and we ‘lost’ by 4%, I wouldn’t stop campaigning on those issues either.

Politics is supposed to be about compromise – getting the best result to keep all citizens happy – not one half of the population telling the other half how they must live.

If ‘remain’ had scooped a narrow victory, it’s clear that change would have had to come to keep ‘leave’ voters happy. Our MEPs, commissioner and prime minister would have had to work within the EU to address the concerns raised by half of the British people, or there would have been continuing pressure to leave the EU.

The problem with a ‘leave’ vote, for people like me, is that it is an absolute. There is no wiggle room. If Parliament goes ahead with ‘Brexit’ in its current form then there is no compromise, no concession for the 16 million of us who wanted to remain. So forgive me if I’m not willing to just sit down and accept the result unchallenged. This is a crucial time for the country, and ‘remain’ voters have just as much right to set the agenda going forward as those who wanted to leave.

I don’t begrudge anyone voting leave – I admitted during the campaign that there were various justifiable reasons to do so, even if I didn’t agree on balance. It’d be nice if the same courtesy were extended in the opposite direction. The more we treat politics like a football match, the less it actually serves the people of this country, especially friends, family and colleagues who may not share your view on any given issue.

If this country is to dig itself out of the political turmoil we’ve silly-walked ourselves into since the result was announced, it’s going to take all of us working together. Let’s try that for once, and see where it gets us.