If taxation is theft here’s your opt out

Think taxation is theft? You should totally consider opting out of tax. There’s this new system I’ve come up with and it goes like this:

1. You opt out of tax.
2. You stop using all of the services paid for by those taxes or maintained by the government.

The good news is you’ll pay £0 in tax, none, nada, zip. The bad news is, you’ll forfeit your access to the following things:

The NHS, the fire brigade, the protection of the police force, the protection of the military, use of public roads, use of public railway lines, use of British airspace (no plane rides for you), use of the national energy and water infrastructure, use of the education system, the labour of individuals educated and cared for under the current system, any goods or services currently subsidised by taxpayers, the services of your local council for land disputes etc, use of any technology sending or receiving radio signals and anything else currently maintained by the people for the people.


The reality is, you cannot live in a stateless, free market economy with no tax and still enjoy the things for which an elected government and universal taxation are fundamentally required. There has to be a body of elected representatives to decide where we are allowed to build railways and roads, pipelines and cables, or else we’d be overrun with the damn things. Once those cables, pipes and railways are built a government has to maintain the services provided using that infrastructure to prevent the creation of private monopolies. Some form of government is required to decide which phone companies are allowed to use different radio frequencies to prevent technological chaos. There is no safe, democratic way in which private companies could be expected to fill the roles of the police, the fire brigade or the military. The list goes on.

Taxation isn’t theft, it’s a necessity to maintain a modern, civilised society and we all agree to be a part of that system. Anyone who peddles the idea that taxation is theft probably meets one or more of the following criteria:

A. They’re greedy and they just don’t want to pay taxes
B. They’ve put absolutely no critical thought into the nature of society and how tax keeps the wheels turning

Don’t be that guy.