mHTML5 Optimized


Role: Designer
Type: Personal Project
Created: September 2013
Discontinued: May 2014

mHTML5 Optimized was a GameMaker: Studio project file that allowed users to optimize their html5 games for use on mobile phones and tablets. The engine scaled games to fit the screen of each device, hid the address bar on iOS and forced users to play in the correct orientation. These are all things that are required (or at least helpful) when submitting games to mobile game portals and sponsors.

There are currently a few engines like this one knocking around, but mHTML5 Optimized had the advantage of being lightweight and easy to implement into pre-made games. It also worked correctly on Windows Phone devices and Windows 8 (tablets), which are overlooked by some other engines.

Before being discontinued, mHTML5 was being used by over 700 developers. Unfortunately, as GameMaker: Studio updates released more frequently than I could release updates to the project I had to stop supporting it.