Politics Hub

Political CompassWelcome to the politics hub of my site, where you can find my ranting and raving about UK politics as well as information on my work within the green movement. To give you an idea of where I stand, this graph shows my position on PolitcalCompass.org‘s two-dimensional spectrum. Included are the positions of UK political parties on the spectrum as estimated by the Political Compass team at the 2015 general election.

The political compass does not, however, cover my main two concerns in politics. The environment and fair representation. These are the issues I care about most passionately and, if we get them right, I think a lot of other social and economic problems would resolve on their own.

Politics Blog

Here you can find a series of rants and campaigns about elections, referendums and the Green Party. It should go without saying that these opinions are entirely my own.

Political Roles

A list of the roles I have played in political parties and organisations since May 2013 when I first joined the Green Party. This is where you can find my campaign pledges and records for roles such as Social Media Officer of South Glos Green Party and Press Officer of South West Young Greens.

Voting Record

Mostly for my own reference, and to satisfy my obsession with color-coded diagrams, on this page you can find tables containing my votes in national elections and referendums along with the final results.