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Crazy Bullet Hell Dodge Em Up Gyro Boss Rolls Onto Android – Super Game Droid
“Fans of bullet hell shooters looking for something to hone their skills with will be glad to hear that a great new avoid em up called Gyro Boss has arrived on the scene to put their wits to the test.”

Broadcast 73 – Indie(Function);
90 minute discussion on the GDC 2016 challenge, YoYo Games releasing apps on Raspberry Pi, HaxeFlixel 4.0 and Chequered Ink projects.

Chickens and Moles, helping critters escape the farm– Windows Central
“Chickens and Moles is a fun game to play but is more suited for when you need a change of pace. ”

Use Physics To Free Animals In Chickens And Moles – AppAdvice
“This game is sure to appeal to physics-based gamers as well as children. Available for the iPhone and iPad at $0.99, this is definitely a title to pick up.”

Physics based game Chickens and Moles available on Apple’s app store – TheDroidGuy
“Physics has never been so much fun! The game in a way stays true to the fundamentals of physics. Every physics problem is simplicity itself requiring ingenuity and skill to come to a satisfactory, logical, rational solution.”

Mystery writer interviews GameDevDan – Indiegraph
“Now we create all kinds of games on multiple platforms. I still find that sentence crazy to be honest: Multiple platforms. It’s especially weird knowing that I’ve chosen to do this professionally. I must be mad.”

YoYo Games Tech Blog Cross-PostBrash Games: Maddening Overload (YoYo Games)IGN: Maddening Overload (YoYo Games)Pocket Gamer: Fire Escape (YoYo Games)


UKIP copy Green brand guidelines (April, May 2017)
After tweeting out a picture joking that a UKIP candidate had copied the Green Party’s brand guidelines, several local and national newspapers picked up the story.

The Independent: The Green Party have accused a Ukip Mayoral candidate of ripping off their branding
The New European: Brexfactor – Picture by Rene Bach
Bristol Post: Green Party claims UKIP Metro Mayor candidate has copied their branding
Bristol Post: Green Party’s only contribution to culture is ‘knitted yoghurt recipe’ says UKIP

Green Streets (2016, 2017)
South Gloucestershire Green Party’s “Green Streets” campaign, orchestrated by myself and Tom Hathway, has received extensive coverage in local press such as The Week In and the Hanham and Longwell Green voice. All five events were covered by one paper or another but at the moment I only have a copy of two of them:

Hanham & Longwell Green Voice: Green Streets
The Week In January 2017


Bright Green: Too much Soul-searchingWilts&Glos Standard: EU referendumThe Week In (June 16, 2016): EU referendum