Reaching out to other Youth Parties


Several of the policies on which we campaigned in the general election are shared in various ways with other progressive parties in the UK. The SNP, Plaid Cymru and Labour (under Jeremy Corbyn) are all anti-austerity parties. The SNP and Plaid Cymru are opposed to trident, just like the Greens, and we have similar views on lots of other issues. We need to stand together on the big issues to present a strong alternative to the agenda set forth by the current government. It’s no secret that the vote on the perceived “left” of politics is split between more parties than on the “right”, which makes it so much more important for us to come together on the big issues.

As a member of the Young Greens National Committee, I would advocate having regular meetings with the senior figures from other Youth Parties like Young Labour, SNP Youth and Plaid Youth to foster a strong alliance on issues like austerity, Trident, tuition fees and electoral reform. Forming an alliance wouldn’t mean giving up who we are. We’re still the party with the strongest message on climate change. The party with, I believe, the best internal attitudes and practices for promoting equality and diversity. We can’t afford to let tribal politics stand in the way of the changes we want to see over the next decade or so.

One of my main goals over the next year would be to set up a significant communication channel with the Young Labour National Committee, Plaid Cymru Youth NEC, and SNP Youth NEC, with the aim of publishing and promoting joint campaigns on issues where we share a common interest.

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