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Lost Little Hero

Lost Little Hero
Platforms Windows
CompetitionGMC Jam 31, #5
My RoleProject Lead
CollaboratorsNALGames (music)
Release Date(s)23/11/2018

Lost Little Hero is an adventure game developed for GMC Jam 31, where the theme was "Overcome All Odds". It is the second game in the HannaH series, although it has never been specified whether the events of the game take place before or after the events of the original game.


Players must navigate their way through a dungeon full of hazards using a grid based movement system. Every time the player character moves one square in any direction, all of the enemies on the screen move too.

Lost Little Hero GameplayThere are five main enemies: Totao, who remains completely still at all times; Bagfly, who moves up and down one square at a time; Skwuj, who moves left and right one square at a time; Zombo, who chases the player; and Spodlers, who jump around entirely at random.

Players must also solve puzzles involving switches, pushable blocks and keys to make it through each level.


HannaH, the hero, has become lost on her travels and ventures into a dungeon controlled by a horrible monster called Boss. He tells HannaH she will never make it out of the dungeon alive. Her irreverent responses anger Boss, who uses his magic to remove her weapons and armour. HannaH is then forced to explore the dungeon alone in order to save herself, steal Boss' treasure and rescue an unnamed princess.

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After making it through the dungeon, HannaH defeats Boss in a final showdown. Boss claims he was going easy on HannaH and rewards her with treasure and the release of the unnamed princess. The game ends with HannaH and the princess sharing a long and passionate kiss, before being thrown out of the dungeon by Boss.

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The game was developed over the course of 10 days for the GMC Jam 31, using GameMaker: Studio 1.4 by YoYo Games. The game's source code is available for free on


The game was generally well received by reviewers in the GMC Jam, securing 5th place out of 26 entries. Players generally had a problem with the enemies known as Spodlers, who jump around the screen randomly and cannot easily be avoided.