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Platforms Windows
CompetitionGMC Jam 32, #3
My RoleProject Lead
Release Date(s)24/02/2019

The Alien Lifeform Protection Squad is an intergalactic squadron of do-gooders who roam from planet to planet preventing mass extinctions. But they face a moral quandary... what do you do if the inhabitants of dying planets don't want your help? Shoot them, probably.


ALPS is effectively a top-down shooter game. Players must navigate a variety of levels shooting army bases and punching down buildings with the boxing gloves attached to their spaceship.

Destroying all military buildings and units will allow the player to move on to the next level.

Plot (spoilers)

The game opens with an unnamed agent of ALPS calling headquarters to describe his latest mission success. He has saved the planet "Pyross" from mass extinction and now he wants a holiday.

His commander informs him he has one more mission first - to save another planet from environmental disaster. He must destroy all military capability on the planet. This planet is quickly revealed to be Earth.

Agent makes his way through several of Earth's capital cities destroying army bases, before finally ending up at Area 51 where the US has developed an anti-Alien WMD. The final boss fight ensues.

After the final boss fight, Earth is saved (from humanity) and the agent gets his holiday.


ALPS was developed in 25 hours and 35 minutes using GameMaker: Studio. It was developed for GMC Jam 32 where the theme was "Conquest". The music is royalty free, made by Visager and Incompetech.


The game has yet to receive any votes or reviews in the GMC Jam at the time of writing.


The agent in ALPS is the same species as Gyro from Gyro Boss, raising the odd possibility that Gyro may also be a good guy attempting to save planets from environmental disaster (but probably not).