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Gammon Princess

Gammon Princess
DeveloperTeam Flob
PublisherTeam Flob
Platforms Windows
CompetitionNew GMC Jam 8, #14
My RoleProject Lead
Release Date(s)28/05/2018

Gammon Princess is a parody of Super Mario Brothers created for GMC Jam 29 (also known as new GMC Jam 8) where the theme was "Boss Fighting Game".


The game is a bog standard 2D platformer. Players walk towards the right of the screen hitting boxes, collecting coins, climbing ladders and jumping over pits.

At the end of the 1st (and only) level players are confronted by the game's main boss, Robosaur.

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Players can either choose to defeat the boss, or kill themselves. Each way yields a different ending and the player can try again immediately to reveal the other ending.

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A horrible monster called Robosaur has captured a princess, and an unnamed hero must rescue her.

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Upon arriving at Robosaur's castle, players quickly discover that the princess is in fact a "Gammon" - a satirical term for angry white people with extremely right-wing political opinions. She is wearing a "MAGA" hat, holding a "UKIP" flag, and is extremely rude to the player.

The player character attempts to leave the castle without rescuing the princess, but the door closes behind him and he must fight Robosaur to escape.

If the player defeats Robosaur, he approaches Gammon Princess and she is again rude to him, causing him to wish he had not rescued her.

If the player is defeated, Robosaur realises that he doesn't want the princess after all and jumps into his own lava pit.

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The game was made in 3 days for the GMC Jam using GameMaker: Studio. Allison James (NALGames) created the music, I did everything else.


The game, understandably, had a mixed reception. The general consensus was that the game was well made but the content was too edgy, divisive or inappropriate for the GMC Jam.