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Xmas Lights - Fix 'Em Up

Xmas Lights - Fix 'Em Up
SeriesChristmas Games
DeveloperChequered Ink
PublisherChequered Ink
Platforms Windows Android iOS
My RoleSole Creator
Release Date(s)09/11/2018

Xmas Lights is a puzzle game released in the Christmas season of 2018 by Chequered Ink.


Players are presented with a series of broken light displays which they must fix in order to save Christmas. Clicking a light toggles whether or not it is lit as well as toggling the state of the four lights adjacent to it. A puzzle is complete when all lights on the board are lit, revealing a unique Christmas pattern. There are 120 levels to complete in total.

The basic format of the game is identical to Chippity Flip and Potato Patch Propaganda.


It's the night before Christmas and all over town the lights are going out! Players must fix the fairy lights to avoid a sad Christmas.


Xmas Lights was made in around 2-3 weeks in GameMaker: Studio with the vast majority of the work being level design.