South Glos Greens Social Media

MeAndTom At the end of June 2016, myself and Tom Hathway were co-opted as social media coordinators for South Gloucestershire Green Party as a job-share. We were then duly elected into the same role at the party’s AGM in July 2016. With my experience as Social Media Officer for the South West Young Greens, and Tom’s experience as an aide to South West MEP Molly Scott Cato and leader of the South West GreenerIN campaign, we’re both well placed to take on the task of coordinating South Glos GP’s social media strategy.

(Above, from left to right, Tom Hathway and myself at a demo for free education in London)


As social media coordinators for South Gloucestershire, we want to increase our Twitter and Facebook following to engage more people with the South Gloucestershire Green Party and their role in the local area. We want to get involved in more local issues, such as protecting South Gloucestershire’s libraries, and reach out to campaigns in the local community (whether they’re green or party neutral).


Tom and myself have been in post since the end of June, at which time we had 96 Twitter followers and 50 Facebook Likes. Interaction with our accounts has already increased slightly, but I will update this page when we have had more time in the role.

Update: As of February 24th 2017, our follower count now stands at 306. Interaction with our accounts has increased significantly and we have secured increasing coverage in local media such as The Week In and Hanham & Longwell Green Voice. Our #GreenStreets campaign, and our foodbank drive, are going strong and we’re doing great things for the local community while also raising the profile of the local greens.



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