SWYG Committee

In November 2015 I became the Social Media and Press Officer for the South West Young Greens. This also made me a voting member of the SWYG Committee, where decisions are made about the direction of the Young Greens in South West England, as well as the organisation of events for SWYGs. On July 4th, 2016, I stepped down from my position on the committee to pursue other commitments. You can see my record as an officer at the bottom of the page.

Campaign Statement


I’ve been an active member of the Young Greens for over 2 years, and I’m keen to get more involved with the South West Young Greens as a movement and offer my experience as Social Media and Press Officer.
As the South West Young Greens press officer I will seek to increase interaction with our official accounts on Twitter and Facebook from both members and non-members of the SWYG. By focusing on local, cross-party campaigns and promoting the work of local Young Greens groups, we can build a stronger following from our membership and attract many more brand new members from the South West region.
I will regularly lobby the National Committee to include South West Young Greens’ events and news stories in national Young Greens press, social media and emails. With the council and mayoral elections coming up in Bristol next year, attracting attention from the local and national press will also be key to our success in the region. My experience in the design industry can help us to accomplish these goals.
Until recently I was the Community Co-ordinator at a software company in Dundee. In four months I increased the company’s Twitter following by 18% to over 10,000 with no advertising funding, and increased total user registrations with their online marketplace from 10,000 to over 50,000 in the same period. In the same role I attended GDC San Francisco, and the Dundee and Angus College game jam, exhibiting at both events and successfully running related social media campaigns.
As a self-employed designer I’ve also worked for Microsoft, Burger King and singer-songwriter Orla Gartland to deliver appealing graphics and content for use on their websites. I’m also a member of the fantastic Green memes committee, and my work has previously been shared by the official Green Party social media accounts and Amelia Womack, one of our deputy leaders.
I want to help the South West Young Greens grow and branch out to attract new members and new voters over the next year. If you’re with me, please vote Dan Johnston for Social Media and Press Officer.

Manifesto Pledges

  • Engage with local causes and events to let constituents know that the Greens care about grassroots issues.
  • Pursue cross-youth party campaigns on issues like electoral reform.
  • Lobby YGNC and GPEx to include more South West Young Greens news in official press and social media digests.
  • Pursue further coverage in local and national newspapers and their websites.
  • Increase Twitter following by at least 100% before May 2016.

My record

Promoted and Produced by Dan Johnston for the South West Young Greens elections. This is not an official communication from the Green Party of England and Wales.