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GameMaker Tips: Creating a ‘lights off’ game

Recently at Chequered Ink we released a game called Chippity Flip, our own take on ‘lights off’ puzzle games, where the player toggles multiple squares at once to make the whole board the same colour. We also released a stripped down version of the project called Turn ‘Em Off, which you can grab on itch.io for $4.99 if you want a head start. However, the process behind the game’s creation is pretty simple when you understand it and the solutions used could come in handy for making other puzzle and board games, especially if you’re new to game development. So here, I’m going to lay out how the project works.

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GameMaker Tips: Positioning Windows Phone Ads

Having released a whole bunch of titles successfully for Windows Phone, the one thing that had me stumped until just last week was advertising. The default built-in pubCenter (now being phased out by Microsoft) and MS Advertising options in GameMaker: Studio have pretty much been the only way forward for developers since the Windows Phone module was launched. The problem is, positioning them to look good on all devices is about as confusing as it would be to write yourself a whole new Ad extension from scratch.

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