Time to flood the Conservatives with NHS pleas

The NHS has hit crisis point. It’s no longer enough to stand idly by while the Conservatives deliberately run down our most precious institution, praying that it survives until someone else gets into power. People forget how powerful writing can be and it’s time to utilise it now. Use WriteToThem to write to your local Conservative MP, MEPs and Councillors about the NHS crisis.

If you have a Conservative MP, it is likely that they are fully aware of the situation in the NHS and have actively contributed in government to the deliberate underfunding, understaffing and ultimate privatisation of the service. However, the Conservative majority in the house of commons is vulnerable, and there are some decent and compassionate Conservatives in there who would enjoy an excuse to rebel against Theresa May’s whip. Be firm but polite and try to use some personal instance of NHS issues in your local constituency to tug on their heart strings.

MEPs and Councillors are less heavily whipped into line by their party than their Westminster counterparts. There are many long-serving Conservative councillors who genuinely want to do the best for their communities and aren’t driven by blind faith in the free market. These people have more power than they realise, and you should write to them encouraging them to stand down their party colors and sit as an independent to send a message to the Conservatives in central government.

2017 is a year that we can no longer wait for the opposition to take a stand. It’s a year that we have to organise as ordinary, decent people to protect our vital public services. And you can start by telling your representatives exactly how you feel. I’m off to do it right now.