Tiny Wayfarers Devlog

TinyWayfarersTiny Wayfarers is a project that we announced over at Chequered Ink during our April Round-up. It’s a project I’ve been working on for a few months, and I thought I’d share a bit of background info on it!

The game itself is kind of a non-idle idle game. That’s not a very clear description… so it’s a bit like 25 days but with various implanted RPG aspects to keep your attention (rather than simply having to make sure your phone doesn’t lock while “cheer” is being generated, as in 25 Days). There will be different wayfarers (classes in most RPGs), magical charms, items, goals, trading cards and – quite importantly – battles!


Above is the concept art and the in-game graphics for the “explorer” wayfarer, which is the first to be unlocked in the game. Each different character has different health, attack power and skills to use in battle. Some characters will even have an effect on the amount of treasure you can collect outside of battle. The explorer is a kind of “base model” with no real special abilities, but it’s a great character to start with when you need to get to grips with the game.


The game will feature 4 different areas to explore, each with their own enemies and hazards. The above picture shows the first area, the forest, and the enemies that appear in that area. Defeating each enemy will allow players to collect trading cards & treasure. Ultimately there is a lot more to collect and customise in Tiny Wayfarers than there ever was in 25 Days or any game like it I’ve ever encountered.

At the moment I’m working on the battle engine to make sure it’s fast-paced and fun without distracting from the main goal of the game – collecting treasure! I’ll keep you up to date with another devlog soon 🙂