Want a better 2017? Make it happen.

Fed up with 2016? Hoping 2017 will go better? Make it happen!

Make Some Noise!

Join a Political Party

Politics isn’t something you should let other people do for you – it’s something you have to seize and take control of as part of your own life. Even something as simple as joining a party and hanging out with other members can help shape public opinion for the better.

The Green Party – my party of choice, and probably the most radical in this list, The Green Party are dedicated to tackling climate change and also have fully-fledged policies which promote social and economic equality.

The Labour Party – the biggest opposition party and the most likely of this list to lead a government after the next election. They are traditionally seen as the party of workers and are backed by the biggest unions.

The Liberal Democrats – the least radical on the list, most likely to continue the status quo, but dedicated to socially-liberal values and electoral reform.

In the devolved nations, where politics is a bit different, there are a few more decent choices: Plaid Cymru, The Scottish National Party, Scottish Greens, Green Party Northern Ireland. All of these parties generally support social and economic equality even though their policies differ quite a lot.

If you don’t have time to search through all those websites, why not take a quick quiz to find your closest match? iSideWith, Political Compass and Vote For Policies will let you know which party you agree with the most (They’re not perfect, but they’ll put you in the right ballpark).

Support Humanitarian NGOs

Charities and other non-government organisations are absolutely critical to a fair society. Following the work of these organisations truly reveals the scale of the challenges we face on issues like poverty and human rights violations. Every follow, share, retweet or donation helps these organisations to spread their messages and do their jobs more effectively.

38degrees – TwitterFacebookHomepage
Action Against Hunger – TwitterFacebookHomepage
Amnesty International – TwitterFacebookHomepage
CARE – TwitterFacebookHomepage
HelpAge International – Homepage
IRC (Rescue) – TwitterFacebookHomepage
Medicins Sans Frontieres (Doctors Without Borders) – Homepage
Oxfam – TwitterFacebookHomepage
Plan – TwitterFacebookHomepage
Save The Children – TwitterFacebookHomepage

This is just a short list, there are tons of other NGOs supporting humanitarian and environmental causes which could use your help and support to challenge governments and hold them to account.

Make Some Noise

The best way to influence government policy is to get involved and voice your concerns. If you’re a member of a political party, or you follow a few NGOs on social media, you’ll be aware of a whole ton of campaigns going on all over the place. If you find one you truly believe in, you should make some noise about it. Write to your MP, write letters to local newspapers, sign petitions, tell your family and friends. You can only change the world by getting other people on board, so let them know what you’re all about.

Let’s work to make 2017 a better year for everyone. Peace.