Five Parties

What would stop you from voting Conservative?

This post isn’t intended to be a whinge or a moan, I’m genuinely curious to get some feedback here. If you’re thinking of voting Conservative on June 8th, whether you’re a lifelong supporter or a floating voter, is there anything the opposition parties could do to change your mind?

This week the scale of (alleged) Conservative electoral fraud became more apparent, some of Theresa May’s top staffers quit, and she launched her election campaign in a series of Tory-safe locations while refusing to talk to journalists. Meanwhile Jeremy Corbyn’s Labour have been getting out on doorsteps announcing bold new policies like a £10 minimum wage and four new “patriotic” bank holidays.

The result is that the Conservatives have now extended their lead in the polls and a whopping 50% of people are planning to vote for them on June 8th according to ComRes. A couple of polls even suggested that they could win a chunk of seats from the SNP in the liberal-left safe haven of Scotland.

I know my brand of politics isn’t popular in the UK at the moment, I’m under no illusion that people agree with me a great deal, but I do have a fairly good understanding of the Conservatives’ record over the last seven years and the kind of issues people tell me they care about locally (libraries, hospitals, their childrens’ education etc).

This is a genuine question to people who are considering voting Conservative: Are there any policies the opposition parties could offer, or anything the Conservatives could do badly, that would change your vote? Please Tweet me your answers @GreenDanJ or send them to me on my Facebook page. I won’t argue or debate, I’m here to listen and learn.

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