Website: wormintheworks.com
Role: Founder
Type: Personal Project
Duration: Ongoing
From: 27th August 2008
Until: Present

Wormintheworks is the publishing name I use for publishing games, software and eBooks. I have been running the site for more than 6 years and released a variety of games. Below are some stats related to the website.

All stats gathered on 30th August 2014, unfortunately older projects could not be included here. Some lost projects had significant downloads that have not been added here.

Website Stats

Hits: 2,129,868
Page Views: 1,121,579
Unique visitors: 107,523

Games & Software Stats

Android Sales: 10
Android Downloads: 49,700
Android Total: 49,710

iOS Sales: 1,000
iOS Downloads: 205,000
iOS Total: 206,000

Windows Phone Sales: 46
Windows Phone Downloads: 7,200
Windows Phone Total: 7,246

Windows 8 Sales: n/a
Windows 8 Downloads: 228
Windows 8 Total: 228

Windows Desktop Sales: n/a
Windows Desktop Downloads: 15,600
Windows Desktop Total: 15,600

Mac OS X Sales: n/a
Mac OS X Downloads: 20
Mac OS X Total: 20

Total Sales: 1,056
Total Downloads: 277,748

Grand Total: 278,804