Young Greens NEC results

The Young Greens NEC results were announced yesterday at the Young Greens annual convention in Nottingham. Unfortunately, I did not get a seat on the National Executive committee. This is obviously a disappointing result for myself and I thank everyone who voted for me. However, I’m sure the committee is in capable hands. In particular, Georgia Elander and Tom Pashby are two people I had voted for myself and I believe they will be a strong force going forward for the Young Greens.

For my part, I’m going to continue plugging away on the sidelines for the next year, lobbying to have my ideas heard by the committee. I think there is an appetite for some voices in the Green Party that are centered around some different ideas. Sometimes the Young Greens can feel a little like an echo chamber – and I want to help change that. Watch this space, I plan to do some cool stuff pretty soon!