YoYo Games Ltd.


Website: yoyogames.com
Role: Customer Support Technician (Sep 13 – Feb 15) Community Coordinator (Feb 15 – Jun 15)
Type: Full-time employment
From: September 2013
Until: June 2015

I started work at YoYo Games as a Customer Support Technician but quickly and frequently began to pick up new roles and responsibilities. Including but not limited to:

– Community Coordination
– Handling social media accounts
– Occasional graphics design
– Attending shows, game jams, recruitment fairs etc.
– Resolving customer issues
– Making educational sales
– Quality assurance for games, software and web applications
– Porting applications
– Sony console specialist
– Xbox One specialist
– Content management
– Fire safety
– Booking staff events
– Web design

a social media campaign I ran for April Fool's day

a social media campaign I ran for April Fool’s day

During my time as community co-ordinator I increased the Company’s twitter following to over 10,000 people and oversaw a massive increase in sign-ups on the GameMaker: Player and GameMaker: Marketplace.


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